Soap Yourself Happy!

Small batch long island soap crafted locally using the finest ingredients to give you a fun, indulgent, happy experience while keeping you and your family clean!

Our passion is giving you the ability to bring hand crafted Long Island Soap made with simple ingredients into your life. Experience the old fashioned method of keeping clean, while adding beautiful decor and relaxing, pleasant scents to your hygene routine. Looking to pamper yourself further? We now offer Spa Suds Luxury Bubble Bath. These; handmade, spa-quality disks are filled with skin softening and conditioning ingredients and finished with surprise bursts of botanicals to turn your bath into a 5-star pampering like no other! Simply place one of our beautiful spa suds discs in your tub beneath running water and watch as your bath fills with cascades of luxurious bubbles! Move over rubber ducky, bubble bath is no longer just for kids!

For after bathtime, we now offer premium shave soap. Our Long Island shave soap is handmade with quality ingredients to produce a rich, creamy lather keeps the blade gliding smoothly across your skin. The lather also protects your skin and leaves it smooth, fresh, and smelling fantastic after each shave. Whether on the face or the body, our shave soaps are long lasting, and sooth your skin no matter what your shave ritual.

All of our Long Island artisan soap is made with the utmost care. Each bar is hand cut from a carefully crafted and molded loaf before being cured and heat wrapped for preservation until you are ready to use it. Open up a bar and smile!


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