Hand-made Long Island Soap

Soap Yourself Happy's roots are in hand-made, cold process soap bars made with the finest ingredients.

Our passion is giving you the ability to bring hand crafted Long Island Soap made with simple, nourishing ingredients into your self-care routine. Experience the old fashioned method of keeping clean, while adding beautiful decor and relaxing, pleasant scents to your hygene routine. All of our Long Island artisan soap is made with the utmost care. Each bar is hand cut from a carefully crafted and molded loaf before being cured and heat wrapped for preservation until you are ready to use it. Open up a bar and smile!

Our recipe has been perfected over the course of

many batches of our soap. We've tried many different methods of making soap, and found the cold process method, with our blend of ingredients to be the equation for a rich lather, which simultaneously cleans your skin while leaving it moisturized, soft, and smelling great. You won't find an over-powering perfume smell left on your body - just a fresh, clean bouquet with a touch of the fragrance that your soap is made with.

What makes our long island cold process soap unique is that we go out of our way to make our bars visually pleasing. Not only will you be happy using our soap, but you can display your bars proudly as decor. We strive to make each bar beautiful - our goal is to give you a fun, pleasing experience from the time you lay eyes on our bars, until it dissolves into its last lather weeks later.

  • Type of Soap

    Cold Process
  • Our Base Ingredients

    Pure Olive Oil, Pure Refined Coconut Oil, Greek Yogurt, Lye, Kaolin Clay, Fragrance.
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Why use Long Island Cold Process Soap?

Soap making requires the use of the saponification process. This is defined as a chemical reaction between a fat - in our case, coconut oil and olive oil - and an alkali such as lye. While there are a number of ways to achieve this, Soap Yourself Happy uses the "Cold Process" method due to the various benefits it offers.

What are these benefits? First of all, cold process soap making requires no external heat to be used during the reaction. While the reaction itself produces some heat, there is no addition of heat via another medium. This is beneficial because it allows additional ingredients such as fragrance oils, greek yogurt, and other nourishing ingredients to remain closer to their original state. This means giving you a fuller scent, and bringing more of the outright benefits of added ingredients to your skin - so you know when you use our long island cold process soap, that greek yogurt's moisturizing quality is truly touching your skin. The same would go for any extra ingredient we might add to our bars such as tea leaves, lavender, grapefruit powder, strawberries, shaved coconut, kaolin clay, or cocoa.

Cold process soap also offers us the ability to be more creative, and give you a bar of soap that is not only great smelling, nourishing, and effective; it's also beautiful. Because the cold process is a slower process, it allows us time to blend multiple colors separately for the same batch of soap. That's how we deliver a visually pleasing soap that you can proudly display in your bathroom.


A Constantly Changing Array of Varieties.

Soap Yourself Happy produces its long island cold process soap in small batches; this gives us the opportunity to give you variety. Whereas some companies stick to a few base designs and scents that they have available at any given time, we are constantly producing new scents and designs so that when you come to us, you know there will be something for everybody.

Maybe you're looking for a floral scent for your bathroom sink in the spring time, to go with your freshly picked lilacs. Perhaps the fragrance of fresh fruits tickles your fancy. Looking for a nice manly scent for your husband or boyfriend? Whatever it is, we've got you covered. Whatever your eyes, nose, and skin desire - we've got something for you. Found a scent that you like, and want to order more? Awesome! We're happy to fill custom orders as well.

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