Lathers & Luxe Long Island Shaving Soap

The "old fashioned" way of shaving - for everyone.

So you've decompressed for a while in a bathtub full of our Spa Suds Luxury Bubble Bath, and you've gotten yourself clean with our long island soap. Out of the shower and to the sink - it's time to shave. Reaching for that aerosol can? No need! Soap Yourself Happy is proud to present our latest creation for meeting your self-care routine needs: Lathers & Luxe Shave Soap.

Our long island shaving soap is made for wet shaving - a time tested method - and is friendly to all areas of your skin. That's right ladies - our Lathers & Luxe Shave Soap isn't just for men's faces. Our shaving soap is for your face, your legs, or anywhere on your body you care to shave.

With ingredients like coconut oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, and castor oil, they are made to feel your skin feeling soft and smelling great. We put the same care and quality into making our shave bars as we do all of our products. As a gift or for yourself, you're going to love our Lathers & Luxe Shave Soap.

Lathers & Luxe Shave Soap

The Benefits of Wet Shaving

Our Long Island Shaving Soap is made to give you a luxurious and effective wet shaving experience. Wet shaving soap has been around for more than 200 years and has many benefits over the stuff you get in the can. For starters, shave soaps create a more rich and sticking lather that delivers superior hydration when compared to other gels and creams on the market. This provides a protective glide during your shave, and leaves your skin feeling moisturized.

Another benefit to long island shaving soap is right in the name - it's soap! This means that the dirt, dead skin cells, and naturally occuring oils on your skin are removed from the hair. This allows the hair to be more deeply penetrated by the shave soap and water. This results in the hair softening, and an over-all closer and cleaner cut.

Lathers & Luxe Shave Soap is also portable and economical. Being a solid, there's no worries having it in your carry-on luggage during air travel; plus, each 1.5oz puck lasts a substantial amount of time and will afford you shave after shave. Don't have a wet shaving kit? You don't need one - your hands will do a fine job of lathering - but if you want one, we've got you covered there too.

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Long Island Shaving Soap