Long Island Soap Gift Baskets

Give the gift that keeps on pampering. Soap Yourself Happy now offers soap filled gift baskets, complimented with other personal care items to suit the needs of your loved ones.

Nothing makes someone feel so special as when they receive a gift basket full of goodies. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, anniversary, hostess gift, or just to say "I love you", our soap gift baskets will make that special person in your life feel the warmth of how much you care about them.

Gift baskets may not be a new idea. How many times have you received one, only to find that the contents of the gift basket is full of "shelf stable" meats and cheeses, which will ultimately sit in your cupboard for months, or sit on your waist line after you eat them? Maybe you received some half melted candy with a side of stale caramel popcorn (again, with the calories). Or perhaps you've received a beautiful fruit basket, only to find that the fruit isn't edible - either hard, unripe, or bruised?

We say no more! When someone receives our gift baskets filled with artisan soap and other personal care items, they feel as great using the items inside as they did upon receiving the basket itself. They'll feast their eyes on the beautiful arrangment they received from you, then they'll nurture their body with moisturizing, cleansing, and wonderful smelling soap. Your loved ones will smile when they first see our gift baskets, and smile every time they use its contents. It's that simple!

Father's Day Soap Basket

Quality Ingredients and Accompanying Accessories

Soap Yourself Happy puts the same quality bars of soap that we make and sell into our customizable gift baskets. You can rest assured that all of our artisan soap is made with the utmost care and quality ingredients such as pure olive oil, coconut oil, and greek yogurt. Each bar is hand cut before being cured and heat wrapped for preservation until your loved ones are ready to use them. To accompany our soap bars, we load the baskets with things like high quality microfiber washcloths, premium three-blade razors, mesh bath sponges, and even our newest handmade product - Spa Suds Luxury Bubble Bath!

The baskets themselves can be thoughtfully selected and decorated to fit your occasion. Flowers for Mom, a fishing-themed gift box for Dad, a birthday box for your cousin, or a beach themed tin for your girlfriend. We want to help you deliver the perfect basket, so that they know you had them specifically in mind when you selected it.

Artisan Soap Gift Baskets

The best part is - we ship our Long Island Soap gift baskets nationwide.

Local? Awesome! Not so much? Well that's fine too. Soap Yourself Happy ships anywhere in the United States. Whether ordering a couple of bars, or a soap gift basket arranged for someone special far away, we can get it there via priority mail!

Each of our soap gift baskets comes with a card which we are happy to fill out with any message you'd like. Profess your love, or tell the recipient how badly they need to take a bath! Whatever you want to say goes on the card.

We're working hard to get gift basket options added to our online store. In the mean time, you can still order one of our beautiful and bountiful baskets by reaching out to us by phone or email. You can find our contact information at the bottom of this page, or by going to our contact page. We would be honored to work with you in bringing joy to someone you care about. Ready to order?

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Long Island Soap Gift Baskets