Spa Suds Luxury Bubble Bath Discs

Move over rubber ducky. Bubble bath is no longer just for kids!

Soap Yourself Happy is no stranger to helping you get clean while nourishing your skin. Our long island soap is made to do just that, with a little bit of fun mixed in to make it a visually pleasing and great smelling experience. But what about your mind and muscles?

Showers are great for your every day hygiene routine. But what about those evenings after a long, hard day where you just need to unwind? Don't you owe it to yourself to slow things down, turn off your mind, and make some time to pamper yourself the way you deserve? After all, our mental health is just as important as our physical health. It affects the way we think, act, and feel. Speaking of the way we feel - sore muscles in the back, shoulders, legs, and feet can make the normal grind of our every day lives feel unbearable.

Look no further. Baths are a perfect way to relax both your mind and body; Soap Yourself Happy is here to help you draw the perfect bubble bath with our Spa Suds Luxury Bubble Bath discs! Relax and unwind as you slip into a warm bath filled with luxurious bubbles scented with soothing fragrances ready to melt away the stresses of a hectic day. These spa-quality disks are filled with skin softening and conditioning ingredients and finished with surprise bursts of botanicals to turn your bath into a 5-star pampering like no other!

Simply place one of our beautiful Spa Suds Luxury Bubble Bath disks in your tub beneath running water and watch as your bath fills with cascades of luxurious bubbles! We recommend keeping one or two around at all times, just in case of a rough day!

Honey, Milk, and Oat Spa Suds

Quality Ingredients to Nourish Your Skin

Our Spa Suds Luxury Bubble Bath discs are made to give you the ultimate luxury bubble bath experience by creating a bath rich in bubbles and skin nourishing ingredients. To top it all off, the warmth of the water will send the blended fragrances into a wonderful bouquet of aromatherapy - just in case the warm water and bubbles weren't enough.

Each of our bubble bath discs are made with pure cocoa butter and glycerin to leave your skin feeling silky and smooth once bathtime is over. Each of those ingredients is said to have moisturizing and anti-aging effects when used on the skin. Some of the discs have added ingredients such as rolled oats, shaved coconut, or lavender petals to enrich your bathtime further. We also use high-quality SLSA to produce our bubbles - this is a plant-derived ingredient which has a large molecular structure. This offers the benefits of lots of bubbles and cleanses your skin without penetrating it.

Sometimes what's not in a product is just as important as what is. Our long island bubble bath discs are free from SLS, talc, and parabens which are more harsh ingredients contained in other bubble bath products on the market today.

Pucker Up Lavender Lemonade Bubble Bath

The Gift of Luxury and Relaxation

Our bubble bath discs aren't just great to keep around the tub for a rough day. They also make fantastic gifts! What better way to show your love for someone than to give them an instant spa grade experience that they can use as quickly as they can fill their bathtub?

Spa Suds Luxury Bubble Bath discs are lightweight, low profile, and compact which make them great to ship and even better as stocking stuffers! Get your Valentine something different than the tired old traditions of flowers or candy. Give Mom the relaxation she's earned for Mother's Day!

Our bubble bath discs come in a variety of different scents such as Key Lime Macaroon, Honey, Milk & Oats, or our favorite - our "Pucker Up!" Lavender Lemonade! Whatever your fancy, we've got a bubble bath that suits you. Try them out and your skin and brain will thank you!

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